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May 9, 2007

This website is now closed for business.
Speak to MJ/MG for the reasons why.


Match Report: Old Bricklayers – Turks Head (League)

May 9, 2007

Team: Seymour (Curran), Hall, Mannion, M. Jones, Lang-Whiston, Lyons (Parker), Almond, Nuttall, Orchard, Eastwood (Emmott), Perks

Subs: Day, Hardisty

Goals: Eastwood (2), Orchard, Almond

Text or Email Goodwin

May 8, 2007

nokia-5110.jpgFor a significant (but secret) turks head development please text goodwin. So far Rob, Nutty, Easty and MJ are up to date with this latest development. Get involved, text/email now. I’m not posting my email address here ‘cos there are some right plonkers reading this website these days. Failing that speak to me or mj tonight.

Build up to Tuesday – Bricklayers

May 6, 2007

The opposition might be good at building walls but they’ll have their work cut out to knock our defensive brick wall down. So let’s cement our challenge for promotion and build on our excellent foundations and lay….. ah crap, I lost it. PLAY UP TURKS!!!

Any injuries or absences or absesses or obsessions or addictions or convictions?

Match Report: Turks Head – Whitworth Valley (W E Kay Trophy)

May 6, 2007

Goodwin Reporting….
First, a [crap] poem from my memory:

“No-one can tell me, nobody knows,
where the wind comes from, where the wind blows.
But if I stop holding the strings of my kite,
it would blow with the wind for a day and a night.
And then when I found it wherever it blew,
I would know that the wind had been going there too.
So then I can tell them where the wind blows,
but where the wind comes from, nobody know”

Under some very blustery conditions the Turks eventually cruised to a 4-2 victory against Whitworth Valley. The chaps on the touchline were on top form with the banter to make up for the absence of the Dale FC bunch.

Dolly P kept us all fed. Andy Nuttall had TWO butties so it was no surprise that he was desparate to go home for a poo by half time. MJ treated himself to a butty before the game.

OK I don’t do conventional match reports so here are some highlights that I remember:

Stunning goal by Easty, airshot by Easty, Woody hobbled off, Sparky scored a poacher’s goal, Ref had a dodgy tash, AJ booked for dissent, Sedge pulling some good saves out, Lyons didn’t start any fights, Manion blocked a goal-bound effort by Si, Sparky scored a penny, their 2nd goal was very nice, AJ getting called “Shaggy” by opposite team, Their right-back getting kicked in the face twice in 2 minutes and having a family potrait booked for this afternoon, Hardesty falling over whilst fagging a ball, very entertaining game on the next pitch, good news about a possible playoff scenario.

Team: Seymour, M. Jones, Mannion, A. Jones, Hall, Lyons, Wood, Almond (Lang-Whiston), Orchard (Ormrod), Eastwood, Perks (Emmott).

Subs: Hulme, Curran

Goals: Eastwood, Orchard, Perks (2)

Match Report: Turks Head – Copperpot Res. (League)

May 1, 2007

Despite goals from Sparky and Lamby, Copperpot Res. managed to edge a tight game that I think even the most passionate fan would be able to describe as a football match.

Credit to Copperpot for grinding out the win, and credit to our lads too for a decent effort.

Still plenty to play for this season though, with the quarter final of the W E Kay Trophy coming up this Sunday, and then three more league games which could still see us clinch promotion if we manage to improve our goal difference by twenty. Bearing in mind we beat Whitworth Valley 8-1, having been 1-0 down at half-time, I think we all know we’re more than capable of doing this.

Team: Seymour, M. Jones, Mannion, A. Jones, Hall, Wood, Almond, Nuttall, Lyons, Eastwood, Perks

Subs: Day, Hardisty, Emmott, Parker, Lang-Whiston

Goals: Perks, Almond

At the request of the league, please do not comment on anything that happened off the pitch. Just talk about the football. An enquiry is likely so we are being asked to let that issue be resolved through the proper channels.

Match Report: Bamford H&H – Turks Head (Rochdale Online League Cup)

April 30, 2007

Well the winning streak had to end sooner or later, and being beaten by the odd goal in three by a Premier Division side to go out of the cup at the quarter final stage is not exactly the worst way for the run to end.

The first half was tight and, although we hit the post early on, there weren’t really many clear-cut chances for either side. Although it’s worth pointing out that MC pulled off a cracking, if unorthodox, save at the end of the half that has probably left him with very sore knackers this morning.

Bamford took the lead early on in the second half with a good finish from a tight angle, only for Lyonsy to equalise with a great strike into the top corner almost straight from the kick-off. But another good finish from their nippy centre forward put them back in front, and this time it was enough for them to hold on to, despite a bit of late pressure from Turks that really only led to a couple of long range efforts.

Definitely not one of out better performances of recent weeks, things just never seemed to get going, due mainly to the opposition getting about us quickly when we had the ball and then doing a good job of holding onto the ball when they had possession. The good thing is I think we all learned something from this defeat, more so than any other time we’ve lost this season.

Team: Curran, M. Jones, Mannion, A. Jones, Hall, Lyons, Nuttall, Almond, Orchard, Wood, Perks (Lang-Whiston)

Subs: Emmott, Hardisty

Goals: Lyons